How to Create a Guest Account


Guests in the City Campuses Libraries and College staff wishing to use these services must create a print account via one of the Datapac Kiosks before being able to use the facilities. Please follow the instructions below or check out the video outlining how to create a guest account.

  1. At one of the Datapac Kiosks, touch ‘Guest Sign Up’
  2. Enter your name
  3. Choose a 4 digit numeric PIN code (example 1234)
  4. Type in your contact email address (if you don’t have an email address use
  5. Insert cash and touch ‘Finish’ A receipt will print with your Guest ID login number; these details will be emailed to you, if you entered your email address. Use your login number and PIN at an MFD. Keep this Guest ID number and your PIN safe and you can use this when you visit again, by entering this Guest login number and PIN at the kiosk to top up, or when you top up online at The account will be removed if inactive for 14 months.

View Datapac’s Creating a Guest account Video

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